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Responsible Gambling

I am all for fun and exciting online casinos and slots but it need to be to a certain extent. One rule that I have before I add money to my virtual wallet or at an real money online casino is to test the slot machine first with free money, I read through the terms and conditions for that particular casino and also make sure that it is a trusted online casino.

What also need to be considered is that is easy to click on spin and the time flies away, before you know it you have spend more money than you wanted.

Think at it first if you can afford it and that you don't need the money for something else.

Playing slots should be fun and not a burden to you or anyone else.

The trusted online gambling operators do have a responsibility to offer a “responsible gambling” option, this mean that you can set your weekly/monthly budget or self exclude you whenever you wish.

Please also do bear in mind that all online casinos have an age limit restriction to be at least 18 years of age. If you have kids around that might borrow you iphone or ipad occasionally make sure that you have put a password restriction on your mobile casino applications to avoid any crazy bills coming in your way.

The difference with virtual casinos and real money casinos is that with your virtual wallet you will never be able to actually withdraw your money whilst at real money online casino you can withdraw your winnings.

If you do feel that you have gamble too much or need a break, please make sure that you contact your nearest help centre for assistance.

If you want to read more please see below some international and UK focus companies which I would recommend.