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RTP - What does that really stand for?

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News added: May 19, 2017
RTP - What does that really stand for?

RTP is used in the gaming sector which describe the “Return to player”.
Basically it refers to how much the game provider will give back to the player when playing the slot machine.


If an online slot machine with an online gambling operator has an RTP lower than 93% it is thought as to be too low.

However, if the slot is over 96% it will be in the medium range.



So by other means, when you play on a online slot machine which has a low RTP for instance 94.75% like the popular online slots Miss Kitty it might feel that you are not winning that much but once you do your reward could be higher.

Like the online slot Bloodsuckers from Net Entertainment it has an RTP of 98% (one of the highest RTP), here it will feel like you are winning a lot, but it could be of smaller amounts.

In my personal opinion I prefer playing on online slots with at least an RTP of 96%. I feel that I get more out of it then and that I do not “lose” too much.

One of my favourite online slots Goldilocks and the wild bears has an RTP of 96.84%, it gives me another type of excitement and it feels that something “new” is happening in each spin.

Land based casinos tend to have a lower RTP than online casinos.

Each slot machine is different but most of the game providers provide you with that information in the information sheet of the game.

What is the difference with social casinos RTP and online gambling operators?
When playing with free money at a social casino the business model behind the site is different and the player should feel like he is winning on a more frequent basis and to give another level of thrill.

Therefore some social casinos might have a higher RTP or they keep the same RTP as a gambling operator but give out a lot more free money to compensate of your level of excitement.
If you play on Goldilocks and the wild bears at Mirrorball Slots with free money your level of excitement might be higher than if you were to play with real money at a gambling operator, like the online casino Unibet.


What is your thought? Which one is your favourite slot machine?


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