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House of Cards social online slots

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News added: Sep 05, 2017
House of Cards online slots only found at DoubleDown Casino
House of Cards social online slots is a well made slots with a nice eye of details when it comes to the animations. It is actually fun playing on a slots with characters that you recognise from TV shows that you love. Spinning with Francis and Claire Underwood, Dough Stamper and Rachel is never wrong.
The best part with the slots is that it is for free, a matter fact you can only play it at DoubleDown Casino.
As I mentioned it is a pretty slots but what I am missing is a tiny bit more cheekiness from the characters, a little more background tune would also have been fun. Just to get an extra element to it.
Also, I would have prefered that the bonus round is more exciting, at the moment it is just as any other free spins round.
What is your take on House of Cards social online slots?
As you can’t play with real money on House of Cards online slots but thought it was fun playing on TV characters that you know. 
Then I would recommend that you can try any of following, Titanic, Ghostbusters, Game of Thrones or why not Sherlock Holmes “The hunt for Blackwood” online slots. 
All of these you can find at LeoVegas online Casino.
Just bear in mind that all of these mentioned online slots are completely different.
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