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Fancy a trip to Las Vegas? - It is time for a race at Casumo!

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News added: Feb 16, 2016
Win a trip to Las Vegas, play at
Do you want to go on a trip to the City which never sleeps? Now you have the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas at Casumo online casino.
So hold onto your hats and get ready for the race.
This is how it works, log into your player account at Casumo and complete the missions lined up.
The top 30 players will win cash prizes and the winner will walk home with a trip to Las Vegas + €5000 in pocket money.
There are 3 different levels; “Easy” with the top prize €800, “Medium” with the top prize €1,500 and when you play in “Hardcore” level the top prize will be the Vegas trip + €5,000.
You can play at any slot you wish and the one who finish the mission with the least amount of spins win, the less spins you use the higher ranking you get.
When completing a mission you will be rewarded with free spins and super spins valuables. 
Check out the challenge leaderboard where you can see the current list of players who has completed the challenge with the least amount of spins.
Don’t forget that you can reply the challenge as many times as you want without risking your scores.
Terms and conditions:
- Promotion is valid between 15th February – 14th March.
- You need to play in “hardcore” level to compete for trip to Las Vegas.
- General terms and conditions apply.
Sounds too good to be true? Check out the fun at